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Jewish Deaf Young Adults In Taglit-birthright israel Program (Update)

After printing the Taglit-birthright israel trip article in the January/February 2006 Issue, we discovered there was one more bri trip that was not mentioned.

Past Deaf Participants Share Their Experience
Each participant was asked three questions: to comment about their experience; if would they recommend it to other deaf people to join bri; and provide any suggestions how they can improve their program for deaf participants in the future.


Jewish Deaf Book Resources

While there are many printed articles and books published about Jewish Deaf people, the Jewish Deaf Community, written by Jewish Deaf authors, genetics, and Halacha pertaining to the Deaf, this article will only feature books that will only focus on the Judaic and Israeli sign language and Jewish Deaf community.

The National Congress of Jewish Deaf/Jewish Deaf Congress and local Jewish Deaf Clubs, Temples of the Deaf have designed/modified their own prayer books, i.e. Shabbat and Haggadah for special events as well as illustrated sign language for prayers. Orthodox Union/Our Way has quite a number of illustrated sign language prayer books/booklets as well.



This Month's Video

Published on Jul 7, 2017Emily Frances of i24 News "Trending"- in depth interview with deaf Oscar winner Marlee...

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