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Why are most event announcements old?

Message from the Editor
Announce and Publicize your events in Advance! This is a message we say repeatedly to organizations and community leaders.

By the time we receive, or find out about announcements of holiday events and interpreted services, there may not be enough time to post their event information to JDCC News and give you enough time to make your plans, or the events may even have already happened.

If you had wondered why many event announcements you read in JDCC News are old or have already passed -- now, you know why! Please tell your local event organizers to inform JDCC News ahead of time!

I know you are frustrated, and we are frustrated also! We depend on people and organizations to inform JDCC of upcoming events. When we find out about their events, we contact them and request that they inform JDCC News ahead of time. Many of these events are planned at last minute without opportunity to announce in advance.

We still publish their events in JDCC News anyway - simply because we want people who live close to their events to know more about their local organization, and hopefully ask them to add advance time in planning and announcing their events!

We request PLEASE - if you want more people to participate - to send your event announcements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least six weeks in advance (or longer).

JDCC News Staff

Temple includes sign language interpretation for holidays

Temple includes sign language interpretation for holidays

Posted September 11, 2015
Jewish Post

To meet the needs of the deaf and severely hearing-impaired, Temple Emanu-El is offering American Sign Language interpretation at all of its High Holy Day services this year.

Rabbi Batsheva Appel organized a workshop for ASL interpretation in Jewish settings at the beginning of August. Thirteen interpreters attended the workshop, which focused on Jewish signs for words such as brit milah (covenant of circumcision) and chuppah (marriage canopy). Several of these newly trained interpreters will assist at Temple Emanu-El’s High Holy Day services.

Visitors and guests may attend the High Holy Day services free of charge. For security reasons, admission cards and a photo ID are required; for reservations and a service schedule, call 327-4501.

Source: http://azjewishpost.com/2015/temple-includes-sign-language-interpretation-for-holidays/


This Amazing New Show Reminds Us All Of Hanging Out With Our Best Friend... With One Key Difference

This Amazing New Show Reminds Us All Of Hanging Out With Our Best Friend... With One Key Difference

"Is that alcohol?" "We've met before, right?"

Lisa Winter @Lisa831
Sep 15, 2015

Everyone needs time with their best friend to drink too much and vent about stuff. For Michael and Kate, that takes place on Fridays.

Fridays is a new web series featuring Josh Feldman as Michael and Shoshannah Stern (Weeds, Jericho) playing Kate.

Each week, the pair gets together with vodka and pizza to discuss life. The more they drink, the more honest the conversation gets. Newlywed Kate is learning that day-to-day married life isn't exactly what she envisioned, and Michael is coming to terms with being single.

Sounds like every other pair of best friends we've ever seen, with one key difference.


Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester Opening Event

Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester Opening Event


Keynote Speaker: Marlee Matlin

Marlee Beth Matlin is an American actress director and producer. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for “Children of a Lesser God”, and is both the only deaf performer to win the award, and, at 21, the youngest to date. She has won a Golden Globe award and has been nominated for 4 Emmy awards.

Marlee is of Jewish Russian and Polish decent. Marlee had a Bat Mitzvah, and read her Torah portion by learning Hebrew phonetically, a particularly challenging feat for a profoundly deaf person.

Marlee speaks about her life, growing up Jewish and creating a Jewish home for her family, how giving back generously is an important value by which she lives her life, and on the importance of inclusion in Jewish life today.

Source: http://www.jewishrochester.org/events/jewish-federation-of-greater-rochestr-opening-event



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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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