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Letters to the Editor

Shalom Sharon,

You did a BEAUTIFUL job on the article of all the people who went on the Taglit-birthright israel program over the years. You did an amazing job gathering information and getting in touch with everyone regarding this!!!! I admire you for this and all the hard work you have done on the articles over the years. grin Thanks!!!

Rebecca Schoor


I was thrilled to receive 2 copies of Jan/Feb 2006, and am giving one to the Jewish Deaf Association here in London. I was quite impressed with it and enjoyed reading others' opinions; I was stunned to see so many interpreters and Deaf students I knew! Thanks for doing such a great job.

EJ Cohen


Great article - Jan/Feb 2006. I put it up on our web page. Thanks.

Rabbi Rob Morias
Executive Director Hillel of Rochester, N.Y.

Rachelle & Samuel Landau's Response to Leonard Frank's Letter
(see March/April 2006 Issue JDCC's Mailbox):

We simply do not know who Leonard Frank is, and that he is speaking for himself. Does he know how much time and effort we have put in.. what is he doing to promote Jewish marriages among the Jewish deaf and hard of hearing people? According to statistics quoted by Why Marry Jewish? by Doron Kornbluth (Targum Press), more two same faith marriages survive than intermarriages. We would highly recommend everyone to read this very thought provoking and amazing book.

If you know someone Jewish deaf or hard of hearing person who is single, divorced, or widowed, to encourage the person to sign up with JDSR. The more people sign up, the more choices to find someone to marry Jewish! Please see http://www.njcd.org/ourway/sections.php?id=C0_70_9

Rachelle and Samuel Landau


Thank you for publishing my letter criticizing the Landau's for not attending the wedding of the young woman who had been a member of the Landau's Singles Registry - because she could not find a Jewish man - and married a non-Jewish man. As I said in my letter it is a Shandra; it is as if the Landau's sat Shiva for the young woman. Why can't all Jews be friends with all Jews??

I received a letter from the Rabbi at the OU saying they were planning a letter of response.

Meanwhile I would like to know how the young couple is getting along. No one has said if they were married by a Rabbi (any kind) or if the young man has considered or has converted to Judaism.

At this point whether or not she keeps Kosher is not important. What is important is that she and her husband be happy.

No one has recognized that any children born by the young woman are automatically considered Jewish.

No one has wondered or hoped that the young woman is happy.

I would hope that you have made her aware of my reactions. If she cares to identify herself to me, I will be happy to wish her well. And if she prefers to remain anonymous to me I want you to let her know that I still wish her well.

No one seems to be concerned about her well-being. Is she still a member of JDCC?? Is she still a member of the Board of the Landau's Singles Registry? Has she been ostracized by either group?

I will not 'let this alone' til I know the young woman is well and happy and knows that at least one person - ME - is not disowning her.

I would be grateful if you could assure me that she is aware of my reaction; and perhaps there are others who are 'in her corner.'


Leonard "Len" Frank

Dear Editor,

In the previous issue of JDCC Newsletter a letter was written by Leonard Frank. He criticizes Samuel and Rachelle Landau for refusing to attend a wedding because it was intermarriage. Mr. Frank questions whether the Landau's have the support of OUR WAY.

Before answering Mr. Frank I would like to first inform the readers who the Landau's are. They are deaf Jewish couple (Samuel is Israeli and Rachelle is American) who are a hallmark of Jewish commitment and pride within the deaf community. Even before becoming involved with the Jewish Deaf Singles Registry they served as Shaddchanim (matchmakers) for many deaf couples. At present they have made over 20 all Jewish marriages. The couples are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Secular. Many of them have children who attend Jewish Schools. These Jewish children are guaranteeing future Jewish generations. When working with interested Jewish Singles they do not question your particular level of observance or commitment. Their goal is to help you find the right Jewish person for your Jewish future.

By refusing to attend intermarriage ceremony, the Landau's are sending a powerful message. There is no joy or future in intermarriage. If the Non Jewish spouse if female her children are not considered Jewish according to Halacha (Jewish Law). Even if the female is Jewish the chances of their children being raised as proud and knowledgeable Jews are very slim. In most homes where there are two religions the children are either very confused or secular. The Jewish spouse is cutting off generations and generations of Jewish people being born.

Liberal rabbis who officiate at such marriages have little success in attracting such couples to a Jewish way of life.

Mr. Frank I do agree with you about using the word SHANDA (Yiddish for shame). But it should be used toward Jews who choose to intermarry and those who encourage them.


Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman, National Director
National Jewish Council for Disabilities

Rabbi Eliezer Lederfeind, Director
Our Way

National Conference of Synagoguge Youth (NCSY) - Orthodox Union has recently printed a pamphlet called, Dating Jewish. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and mailing address to request a copy of this pamphlet.


This Month's Video

Irina, our event coordinator, shares the exciting updates of the #DeafChanukah event in this video!

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