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In Remembrance of Rabbi David Eliezer Rabinowitz

First Deaf Orthodox Rabbi
David Rabinowitz was born in Brownsville, section of Brooklyn, New York in 1917 to Rudel and Rabbi Shmuel Avrohom. David was a seventh-generation descendent of Chassidic Judaism's founder, the Baal Shem Tov.
He lost his hearing suddenly at the age of three. His granddaughter Rochel Lea (Kakon) Groundland explained in her eulogy that “Zeidy (grandfather) would vividly describe how it had happened: it was the night of the Passover Seder, the table bedecked with a snowy white tablecloth, his father regally dressed in his kittel (robe). The family gathered around the door, ready to greet Eliyahu Hanavi. As the door opened, Zeidy saw what he described as eyes of fire standing in the doorway. He ran to his father, cowering in fear, and hid under the table until the door was closed. The next morning he woke up to a world of silence.”



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