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Security breach lets in blacklisted man

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A man labeled as an “unwelcome person” by the organizer of the Deaflympics entered Taiwan and taunted the organizer in a possible embarrassment for Taiwan immigrant authorities, a news channel reported.

Rafael Pinchas was labeled “persona-non-grata” by the Comite International des Sports des Sourds (The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf or CISS), organizer of the Deaflympics, in 2007. Pinchas was able to enter Taiwan despite the CISS' notification to the National Immigration Agency (NIA), apparently by using a U.S. passport, which is one of the four passports he owns, the TVBS news channel pointed out.

After entering Taiwan, Pinchas called CISS officials in Taiwan to announce his presence in the county, TVBS reported.

The police was keeping an eye out for the blacklisted Pinchas and will “provide protection” to him when he is found while reinforcing the security protection for the CISS president, vice president and secretary-general. The police will also notify the NIA and contact the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to see if deportation is needed, the TVBS reported.

Pinchas, a hearing-impaired sports journalist and a former writer of the CISS bulletin, was the founder and former chairman of the panel for the CISS' Annual Awards for Deaf Sportsman and Sportswoman. According to http://www.deafsportlawsuit.com, a Web site set up by Pinchas, Pinchas filed charges including the violation of the CISS rules, breach of trust and defamation of character against former CISS presidents Jerald M. Jordan and John M. Lovett as well as Donalda K. Ammons, the incumbent CISS president (secretary-general at the time of the charges) to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in 2001.

In the legal complaint posted on the Web site, Pinchas accused Lovett of unconstitutional expulsion of Pinchas as a candidate for the CISS Executive Committee member position in 2001 and subsequent inaction by Jordan and Ammons during Pinchas' petition to the CISS. The case is understood to be ongoing.

According to the TVBS, Ammons expressed that he knew Pinchas and that he was in the country. “I don't fear him,” he was quoted as saying by TVBS.

Posted 9/9/09
The China Post



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