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Becoming rabbi of deaf

The Chicago Jewish News Online recently mentioned the Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf, "dedicated to training and educating men and women to become rabbis interested in serving, with passion, Jewish deaf and hearing people, whether in hearing congregations or in deaf congregations, all over America. All classes are sign language interpreted for deaf students.

"For more information, visit the seminary website, http://www.hebrewseminarydeaf.org , call (847) 677-3330 (voice) or (224) 534-0029 (video phone)."

YouTube signed Orthodox videos

A YouTube subscriberjhahinasl, lists sign language videos listing "topics in Jewish history and heritage presented in ASL." The subscriber URL is http://www.youtube.com/user/jhahinasl

Kayak Website lists hotels with knock light?

JDCC News was alerted to the Kayak website who lists hotels that have knock light for hearing impaired, for example this listing of New York Hotels at http://www.kayak.com/New-York-Hotels_Knock-light-hearing-impaired-_Museum-of-Jewish-Heritage.F171.L291609.15830.hotel.ksp

Meet other Deaf Jewish People on Facebook!

A Facebook group, "Deaf Jewish Group". Goal of this group is to make "new friends, old friends, dating, marriage, family, etc..." Sandra Swerdlov of Brooklyn, NY is administrator of this group which currently has over 350 members.


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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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