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Max Fomitchev, the performer!

M_FomitchevMax Fomitchev got his performing start at age 13 in his birthplace Moscow, Russia. An amazing and well-studied Mime Artist, he was usually the only deaf performer in his advanced classes, and competitions.

After graduating at the top of his class with a MFA in Drama, he toured around the world with the Zakutok Players. It was during the troupe's performance at Deaf Way in Washington, DC in 1989 that changed Max forever.

He defected from Russia two years later to live in Vancouver, Canada. Max was invited to return to perform at Deaf Way II in Washington DC in 2002, giving a solo performance.


Festival of Lights celebrates a miracle

Jewish holiday steeped in family tradition celebrates a miracle
Mary Chao, Staff writer
December 12, 2009

Hanukkah is a festive time at the Spanjer household. The Festival of Lights is marked with events at school, a community party and traditions at home.

But most importantly, "we're celebrating a miracle," says Al Spanjer, who lives in Brighton with his wife, Carolyn Stern Spanjer, daughter Zippy, 13, and sons Ben, 10, and Toby, 7.


Foundation strives to expand opportunities for Americans with hearing loss

louise_5_2A foundation was founded to honor Louise Tumarkin Zazove, born in 1915 in New York City and the eldest child of poor Russian immigrant parents. She trained and realized her dream to become a physician. In 1955, she and her husband discovered that their four year old son had a profound bilateral hearing loss.

Zazove embarked in a journey to learn all she could about hearing loss, even learned sign language, and sought experts. After considering different options, the parents raised the son in public schools "so he could become self-sufficient in the hearing world".


Canton school helps hearing-impaired kids make big strides

By Nancy Reardon
The Patriot Ledger
Posted Nov 30, 2009 @ 05:04 AM

CANTON — Some preteens drive their parents nuts when they talk on the phone every night. But Elena Perlin of Stoughton can’t get enough of hearing her 12-year-old chatter away.

Ten years ago, she wasn’t sure if her daughter Julia would ever speak. A month shy of her second birthday, doctors diagnosed Julia as profoundly deaf.



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Announcing Mozzeria as CSD SVF Business Partner

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