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Life Cycle


Ronnie Lynn Armel of New York and Mitch Adler of Philadelphia on their engagement. A wedding will be in the Fall of '99.

Reed Gershwind of Rochester, N.Y. and Annick Sarma of Paris, France got married in Jerusalem, Israel on December 30, 1998. They are residing in Paris, France.

Bernard Gross of Palmdale, CA & Helga Peters of San Diego, CA got married in Las Vegas, NV on January 17, 1999.

Lauren Abbott & John Maucere of Encino, CA on their engagement

Our Sympathies
Sepia Panel nee Kracer:
October 3l, 1998 - 57 years old
Canoga Park, CA
Survivors include her husband Marvin Fogel and their children Samantha and Darrin.

Saul 'Solly' Brandt:
November 12, 1998 - 76 years old
Toluca Lake, CA
Survivors are daughter Barbara & Ed Dreyfus and son Mark & Tammv Brandt

Ruth Rae nee Singerman & Arthur I Corson:
Philadelphia, PA
on December 7 and 9, 1998 respectively.
Sons Mark & Lena, and Harvey & Mary

Leo Jacobs:
December 24, 1998 - 80 years old
Maryland & California
Survivors are daughters Lisa Jacobs & Allen Talbert, granddaughter Darby, and Sheila Jacobs & Christopher Funchess

Mark Goldfarb:
January 4, 1999
Norfolk, VA


This Month's Video

Irina, our event coordinator, shares the exciting updates of the #DeafChanukah event in this video!

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