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ISSUE NO. 187 -  TEVAT - SHEVAT 5778 -  JANUARY 2018

CSD #DeafEffect Series

CSD #DeafEffect Series - Elinor Goldberg

One of the First Deaf to serve in Israeli Military
Elinor Goldberg, Deaf Israeli Military Officer
0:40 seconds


CSD #DeafEffect Series - Elinor Goldberg

Transcript from video by
Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.:

1. CSD logo - #DeafEffect Series
2. White text on gray: One of the first deaf to serve in Israeli Military
3. Video: Elinor signs, "I broke the ceiling, broke the wall". Text: "I broke the glass ceiling"
4. Split screen, left side featuring the flag of Israel and right side featuring Elinor saluting in uniform. Text: Elinor Goldberg
5. Photograph of Elinor attended by a fellow comrade adding something to her military uniform. Text: Deaf Israeli Military Officer
6. Video: Elinor signs, "They wouldn't admit me at first because they didn't believe that Deaf can do it." Text: Denied at first. Didn't believe Deaf can serve.
7. Photograph of newspaper clipping in Hebrew with a photo of Elinor saluting in civilian clothing alongside with two other women. Text: Elinor persisted. Israeli News on the Right to Serve
8. White text on gray: Elinor, what were your Deaf Effects?
9. Video: Elinor signs, "can lipread Arabic language and Hebrew language" Text: Spy. Lipreading Arabic and Hebrew Languages
10. White text on gray: Oooo. Agents, cover your mouth. :)
11. Video: Elinor signs, "I could smell the bombing stuff before the hearing people!" Text: Terror Responder. Can smell bombing materials.
12. White text on gray: Smell? Gotta do a research!
13. Video: Elinor signs, "While I was focused, I suddenly noticed a black object moving up, it was a black cow! Our professor was testing us, to see if we'd notice during the bombing training exercise." Text: 136% Faster. In target periphery - Elinor noticed a cow before others during training.
14. White text on gray: Nice try, sneaky cow.
15. Text on white: Thank you Elinor! #DeafEffect

Source: Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.

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