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ISSUE NO. 187 -  TEVAT - SHEVAT 5778 -  JANUARY 2018

Annual Appeal - Washington Society of Jewish Deaf

Annual Appeal - Washington Society of Jewish Deaf

Message from Washington Society of Jewish Deaf:

The WSJD Board of Directors and I wish you, your family, and your loved ones L'Shana Tovah.

The High Holy Days are a time of reflection and giving. We reflect upon the past year, our lives and our hopes for the future. We hope you will include the Washington Society of Jewish Deaf in your reflections and participate in our Annual Appeal. The success, vitality, and growth of our community are based on our involvement.

Please join us in the quest to fulfill our legacy, to sustain the vitality and strength of our Jewish Deaf Community, and to ensure the growth and future of WSJD. While we are in the process of re-visiting our fundraising goals and planning, we particularly need your help now because WSJD does not receive outside funding and event fees alone do not completely cover the costs of programming, facility rental, food, accessibility services, and other incidentals. In order for us to sustain ourselves, we rely on the generosity of the WSJD community and our friends.

We want to thank all of you who have given in the past and intend to give again this year. Voluntary giving is fundamental to ensuring a fiscally sound budget and is a mitzvah of the highest level.

We will recognize donors to the WSJD Annual Appeal on our website. There are two options to make your donation.

1. Fill out the form online and pay through PayPal. To fill out the form online click here

2. You fill out the form and mail a check. To download the mail-in form, click here. Print the form, fill it out, and mail it along with a check made payable to WSJD with the words, "Annual Appeal" in the subject line. Mail it to:

Ms. Vicki Lowen
c/o Washington Society of Jewish Deaf
P.O. Box 4141
West McLean, VA 22103-4141

You can help make a difference in our community. Your tax deductible donation today goes a long way towards securing our future.

With much warmth,
Susan F. Cohen

Source: Washington Society of Jewish Deaf

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