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ISSUE NO. 182 -  IYAR-SIVAN 5777  -  MAY 2017

Mona Thalheimer Designs Now On Sale in USA

Mona Thalheimer Designs Now on Sale In USA

Clothes designed by Mona Thalheimer, deaf fashion designer, is now showing in a showroom in New York City from Feb 20 to March 1.

A special showing for Designers & Agents took place in NYC from Feb 25 to 27th.

These designs are shirts and shirt dresses, "Marvellously Made in America".

Sales are being handled through The House Showroom in Los Angeles.

Photos and contact information for NYC and Los Angeles can be viewed at http://www.monathalheimer.com/misc/fall-2017-alt2.html

Source: http://www.monathalheimer.com/misc/fall-2017-alt2.html

This Month's Video

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