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JDCC Board

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PRESIDENT: Sharon Ann Dror

IMG 7372 thumb  Founder of JDCC in 1992, mother of 3 deaf children. She grew up in a traditional Jewish household in Santa Monica, California and graduated from Woodbury University with an accounting degree. She served on the National Congress of Jewish Deaf’s board for 8 years, and was involved with several other Jewish Deaf organizations including Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf (Arleta, CA), Washington Society of Jewish Deaf, and Chabad House Hearing Impaired Program in Los Angeles,CA.

SECRETARY: David Rosenbaum


 David has been on the JDCC Board since 1996. After four years at Gallaudet University, he moved to Southern California and was involved in the founding of JDCC. Born to a traditional Jewish family, he took courses on Jewish History and the Old Testament through the mail with the equivalent of the Jewish Bureau of Education in Australia and says these lessons helped greatly. He is currently based in northern New Jersey providing marketing support services.

TREASURER: Kenneth Rothschild

IMG 2908 thumb

Kenneth brings to the JDCC a wealth of experience from his many years of community involvement, particularly with the Jewish Deaf. He has been involved in JDCC activities since his move from New York to California. Kenneth is a well known authority on stamps from all over the world that is related to the Deaf subject. He had a long technical professional career with IBM as a programmer before retiring and then worked with Deaf people in various capacities.


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