Famous CAJE performers Return

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RosenzweigFrom Jewish Edutainment: Part 1
Rosie Rosenzweig,
Boston Jewish Spirituality Examiner
August 14th, 2010 8:16 pm ET

Columnist Rosie Rosenzweig

Even though Julie Silver, is now a California cantor with a sale of 80,00 CDs, she was raised in Newton, graduated from Clark University, and soon became a raucous coffeehouse favorite and popular Boston  radio DJ for WMJX Magic 106.7 in Boston.  http://http://www.juliesilver.com/

Subsequently,  she moved to California and developed a large following for her original Jewish music.

Onstage with Silver, is  EJ Cohen, a nationally known interpreter for the deaf in America and Britain,  EJ’s passions is combining Judaism and sign language with Jewish music.  When CAJE hosted scores of college students at past conferences, they could be seen walking and talking together in sign language between sessions. performing Jewish musician, educator and interpreter for the Deaf, specializing in interpreting Jewish music with Ej  she is on the forefront of signing in Hebrew,

At previous CAJE conferences,  gaggles of college students walked about various college campuses talking to one another in sign language.

Watching EJ is like watching a ballet of hands flowing to the sounds of music. According to Arnie Davidson, a singer/songwriter worship leader in Connecticut, she is a “vibrant spirit [who] . . . adds an amazing visual dimension to worship music.”  Davidson set up a coffee-house setting with an open mic in the main lobby each night. His NEWCAJE session on “Finding the Music in Prayer,”  typifies the contemporary approach by taking the traditional liturgy, studying the text, and freely interpreting the prayer in a synthesis of the original Hebrew text, the English translation, and a light rock music genre to make prayer  more accessible.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/jewish-spirituality-in-boston/jewish-edutainment-part-1