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Moishe House grows up

Moishe1The do-it-yourself communities for Jews in their 20s are getting local backing.

by David Holzel
Senior Writer
Washington Jewish Week
12/26/2012 9:40:00 AM

A roomful of people conversing by American Sign Language isn't so silent. Signing is a physical, energetic act. It sometimes needs a grunt for emphasis. It can lead to an eruption of laughter. But in calling this Friday night gathering of hearing and hearing-impaired Jews in their 20s "Silent Shabbat," the organizers had two things in mind: They wanted to connect everyone through the use of a common language, and they wanted the hearing to experience a Shabbat where meaning did not come from sound.

Photo: Game night at Moishe House Montgomery County: A home is a more comfortable place to be yourself, says resident Jordanna Snyder. Photos by Harvey Levine


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