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Letters to the Editor

I am concerned about charging for our events, but I believe in giving people choices and letting you decide which event to attend or not. This gives you an opportunity to get together with Jewish deaf friends and learn more about Judaism. Often, many people have said to me, "I wish I could learn more about Judaism but no one is offering these lectures with an interpreter." Others have expressed their wish to have a monthly newsletter. It you have any ideas of what JDCC can offer, please do share it with us.

The $5.00 lecture fee covers the interpreter's fee and refreshments. This is something that we cannot avow as we all want to understand the lectures. Interpreters who are qualified to interpret Judaica related lectures need to make a living so if you know of any interpreters who are willing to volunteer, please let us know. Ail the guest speakers and chefs are donating their time. See inside for announcements of upcoming exciting plans.

The reason why we are having a kosher dinner night at our house instead of a kosher restaurant is because all the kosher restaurants are rather small and usually very crowded with families during dinner time. We also felt that in a home environment, you wouldn't feel pressured to leave the place whenever others may need tables & chairs to sit. if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share. I would appreciate all feedback/input as I can't read your minds and can use your help in any area if you feel any concerns.

To Rabbi Fred & Connie Friedman Or their generous donation of $27.00 to cover the small deficit in arranging the Yom Kippur services. It is very much appreciated.