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Museum of Tolerance Tour

March 13, 1994

New Faces:
Sandra, Steve, Charles & Joy Coco
Sheila & Leslie Goodman
Serafima Grossman
Michele Nemetz
Sofia Normatov
Rose Rosman
Steven Schultz
Misty & Meir Shear
Robert Sidansky
Lester Siegel
Jacky & Joseph Szpiro
Michelle & Jonathan Weiss
Amy S. Yu

L to R: Back Row--David Rosenbaum, Ruth Morris, Rick Rogers
Jeff Lubman, Percy Morris, Marie Lubman
David Soudakoff, Hana Niv, Alex Bilenko
Joshua Soudakoff

L to R: Steven Merkin, Alexander Smirnoff, Dina Dror, Billy
Parker, Lilly Benedict, Hetty Rothenberg

L to R (Front row): Shifra Weiss, Heidi Zimmer, Elaine Aikins,
Hana Niv, Shula & Jeff Dichter Back Row: Patti Kolpa, Yair Shaar,
David Soudakoff, Laura Liter, Jeff Beck

Circumcision Lecture

Here is some of the information that Rabbi Nissim Davidi discussed on January 22nd. Many missed this lecture due to the 6.8 Northridge earthquake.

All Jewish newborn boys must be circumcised on the eighth day. If you have it done at the hospital, it is not good enough because the doctor who performed the circumcision didn't say any special blessings nor did he perform the cutting of the foreskin in the 'Jewish way'. Anyone who wants to be recognized as a Jew must do it through a Mohel, not even a 'Jewish Doctor'. The Mohel who performs it on the eighth day is not a medical doctor but has had training experience and has a certificate for doing these tasks.

Jaundice (yellow skin) babies can delay their eighth day brie until they are completely free of jaundice as it can be a danger if he gets circumcised. This is the same for any premature or ill babies. If one has a cesarean on Friday whether it was planned or an emergency, the bris cannot be held on Shabbos so it will be held on the ninth day. The reason for this is in the Talmud, it clearly states that one must have given natural birth to have a Shabbat bris as it is a very special honor to have a bris on Shabbos.

Mohels still use the same devices that have been used for over 2000 years. Of course medical doctors don't do it the same way so they use different method. If a boy/man decides to become a Jew and was never circumcised, they must go into general anesthetic and have it done. If the boy/man didn't have their circumcised done by a Mohel, they need to have a drop of blood drawn and the religious ceremony.

Future International Kosher Night

We will have a dairy Mexican dinner in the near future. After this Mexican fiesta on May 22nd, we will have the next dinner in the fall. We plan to include Thai, Japanese, Moroccan, Italian, desserts & others. It will be on a Saturday night when Shabbos ends early and start around 7 p.m. If you have any suggestions, please do share it with us!

Kosher & Non-Kosher Mexican Food

What is different from kosher and treif (non-kosher) Mexican food? There is NO cheese with meat dishes because these cannot be mixed together. According to the Torah, it states three times that it is forbidden to cook a kid in its mother's milk. One time refers to cooking the meat of a kosher animal (not fowl) with the milk of a kosher animal, one to eating this mixture, and one to receiving benefit from it. The term milk here includes dairy products.

The Sages forbade eating meat and milk together even if the mixture was not cooked. They also forbade eating fowl (chicken, duck, etc) with milk. Furthermore, they ordained that one must wait between one and six hours, depending on one's custom after eating meat or fowl before eating dairy.

They usually make beans with lard (animal shortening) and put shredded cheese in tacos or chicken dishes. We can either have all dairy dishes or meat dishes. Cheese enchiladas, nachos with cheese sauce, etc. are popular dairy dishes while chicken fajitas, burritos, tasquitos are popular meat dishes. Vegetarian dishes are also popular and can be eaten either with cheese or meat.