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Why Jews Believe In G-d But not in Jesus?

JDCC invited Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz of Jews for Judaism to speak about the reasons why we as Jews believe in G-d, and not in Jesus or any other person and what Christianity is about.

Christianity as a religion started two hundred years after the death of Jesus and his disciples. The Roman Emperor who was Antioch, ruled over a large part of the known world looked around him and realized that there was nothing in his empire that united the people with one another. Antioch saw that the Jews were scattered in many different places but they had their religion that united them despite their differences of language or country that they were living in at the time. He decided to make Christianity the state religion. At that point in time, there was no separation between church and state as it is in America. You were considered to be a non-believer if you didn't follow the beliefs of the country's ruler and were persecuted for it. Therefore, Christianity spread rapidly, and by the third century, Christianity was the religion.

However, the Jewish people did not accept Christianity because of the fundamental belief of Judaism is in one G-d. Christians believe that G-d is three things in one. This concept came from Pagan beliefs that was common at the time. Antioch adopted different things from different places to make it easier for people to accept Christianity as a religion.

As far as the Jewish Messiah is concerned, there is a list of criteriae that he must follow. Among them are as follows: He will be a Jew that comes from the Tribe of Judith, the House of King David, is a holy man who is very smart. He will help bring the world to a better condition. There will be no more wars, and there will be peace. The Jew will not be in Exile. He will gather us from the four corners of the earth and bring us to the land of Israel, and rebuild the Temple where we will once again serve G-d.

The Christians, in an attempt to prove that Jesus is the Messiah, have mistranslated the Bible. They have taken sentences in the Bible and put in words that don't belong there and say that it is what happened. They try to make it look like Jesus fulfilled different prophesies. It is like shooting an arrow at a tree and then making a circle to fit it so it looks like you have hit the bull's eye every time, rather than having a circle already on the tree and making it to the center every time.