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Why Is JDCC In Pico/Robertson Area?

The Jewish community in the Pico/Robertson area is a very close-knit community. There are over ten strictly kosher restaurants: Deli, Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants, donut shop, frozen yogurt shop, bakeries, and butchers. Even Steven Speilberg's proud mother, Leah Adler, has a kosher dairy restaurant here. There are about ten Orthodox synagogues within a few miles radius, ranging from progressive to ultra Orthodox. There are several Jewish places to visit such asthe Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles Mikveh and some Judaic book and gift shops.

In some ways, you feel like you are in Israel because from Friday night to Saturday night and during Jewish holidays, you see many families walking to and from their respective temples for services, and there are very few cars. Everyone literally knows their next-door neighbors. Their kids attend Jewish day schools in the neighborhood as there are at least four of them, Reform to Orthodox. People are always going over to their neighbors for a Shabbos meal, or a simchas (celebration) of bar/bat mitzvah, engagement, wedding or shiva.

During the holiday season, we see few Christmas trees or lighted decorations on houses, but you see so many different menorahs being lit eight nights of Chanukah and displayed in the front window of Jewish homes!

Many of the older residents all attended Fairfax or Hamilton High School (yes, that even includes O.J. Simpson's brilliant lawyer, Robert Shapiro). These schools used to be full of Jewish students, but it has since changed and now the majority are multi-racial. Fairfax area has also undergone changes from Jewish to multi-racial residents. More and more children of today's generation attend Jewish day schools full time.

It is a great challenge for JDCC to be pert of this community, because people offer to speak to outgroup, provide sign language interpreters, help uswhen needed, and give us discounts for our fund-raising projects. There are places to display our tzedekah boxes, and most importantly, we find space for our High Holiday services. It is a great "teamwork. neighborhood!