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Jewish History Tour

There will be a bus tour of Jewish history in Los Angeles on April 23rd. We will visit many historic sites where Jewish people have made major contributions. We will see the oldest Synagogue, original sites of the first Conservative'sTemple, Sinai Temple, the Home of Peace Cemetery, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Congregation B'nai B'rith which is now the LA Times parking structure, and many more places! Deadline is April 1 st. Cost is $25 per person. We will meet at University of Judaism at 9:30 A.M. Koli Cutler will be our interpreter.

Mini-Cake Museum Tour



We will take an interpreted tour to the Mini Cake Museum in Pasadena on Sunday, June 11th from 1 P.M. to 3 P.M. It is the first museum in America devoted entirely to cakes. The Mini Cake Museum was opened on June 26,1994. It is a work of art. Frances Kuyper, known internationally as the Cake Lady is the Founder and Curator of this museum. Visitors will browse through the building, looking at the most beautiful cakes in the world, a large library of books, videos on cakes, arts and crabs. Come and join us! Address is 432-434 N. Lola Avenue, Pasadena. It is a house. Admission is free. Please call 310/836-2666 TDD and RSVP by June 1st.

Teen Havurah

Super Bowl Sunday party was great. Eric Posner prepared a very creative betting system for the game and everyone was betting away thousands of dollars in monopoly money. Jacob Sharnberg was the big winner!

Superbowl Sunday Party
L to R: Back: L Abbott, E. Posner, J. Balkan, M. Bouzous,
A. Hannig, M. Silvers,
(Middle) J. Szpiro,
(Front Row) M. Ellis, B. Cohen, T. Dagan, J. Shamberg,
M. Simmons, Popeye (Dog)

Our next get-together will be the Miss Deaf CSUN pageant on April 22nd. Everyone's excited to cheer for Melanie Chaplick and Lauren Abbott, two of our counselors!

We are very excited to announce there will be an Ulpan trip to Israel for 8 weeks for teens age 15 to 17, high school students. To get an application, please call 310/836-2666 TDD.

Call Eric Posner at 818/701-9059 TDD if you are interested in the JDCC - Los Angeles Teen Havurah.

First Annual Community Seder

An invitation went out, if you haven't received it yet, call and we will send you another one. Barbara Boyd is the chairperson and has been very busy designing and preparing the Haggadah for us all I It will be held at Beth Jacob Congregation. Twenty dollars per person. It will begin at seven p.m. It will be under kosher supervision, RCC.