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Letters to the Editor

Message From The Editor

I am very disturbed that not one but four deaf Jewish actors had to perform at Deaf West on the first night of Passover. I wrote a a letter Deaf West and they responded saying that these actors did not request to be excused for this holiday. I suspect it was because they were afraid of not getting the role if they had mentioned H during auditions when they got the acting role. It is a shame to see this happen when their religion interferes with their acting career and they are not able to speak up and respect their religion.

Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur Services
Yes, we are now preparing for the High Holiday Services. Ira Rothenberg is the chairperson and welcomes anyone who would like to be on the committee in planning the services.

We are going to do a very different and unique approach for this year's services. There will be no prayer book. The participants will lead the services as there will be no Rabbi. The committee will develop a guide on selected significant and the importance of some prayers. We will discuss and hear different interpretation meanings during the services. The purpose of this concept is to get a real understanding of the prayers itself instead of doing the traditional way of just reading the whole book and not understanding the real meaning of it. It will be very challenging and enjoyable. Please call 310/836-2666 it you are interested in being on the committee.

JDCC's Mailbox

On the behalf of the congregation members of Temple Beth Or of the Deat, I am enclosing a check for one hundred dollars as a donation to you and Jewish Deat Community Center.

Judging from the monthly newsletter, JDCC NEWS you have mailed to me regularly, we are very much impressed with your hardworking achievements in constructing JDCC into a wide-open organization with the goal of teaching the children and young adults every way and means of Judaism that they should not forget their identity.

Keep up with your excellent work. Shalom,

Alfred Weinrib
New York