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Life Cycle


David Balacaier
Susan Margolin
Irvin Friedman
Tali Dagan
Lorraine Kronick
Heidi Zimmer

Mazel Tov Mazel Tov Mazel Tov
Shimon Friedman
on his Bar Mitzvah - July 15, 1995
Proud Parents: Connie & Rabbi Fred Friedman
Siblings: Judy, Miriam, Ari, Yitzy

Victoria Yehuda Florsheim
on her Bat Mitzvah - September 16, 1995
Proud Parents: Rita & Martin
Brother: Jeffrey

OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHIES goes to the families of:

  • The family of Polly Estrin in memory of her husband, Ben - June 9, 1995

  • The family of Alice Boxer in memory of her sister, Sydelle Eskowitz - August 12, 1995

  • The family of Connie & Rabbi Fred Friedman in memory of her father, Robert Fisher - August 27, 1995

  • The family of Nettie & David Kishineffin memory of their daughter, Sandra Mandel

  • The family of Susan Masback in memory of her mother, Leona Masback

Best of Luck

Joshua Mendelsohn
who graduated from UCLA Law School and has moved to Washington, D.C.


Hana Niv & Jay Malmeth
Shoshana Toni - October 9th

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