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Hebrew Seminary Of The Deaf

Did you know that there is a school where a deaf or hearing person can study to become a rabbi or Jewish educator in the deaf community? The Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf (HSD) started accepting students in September, 1992.

HSD was formed by Rabbi Douglas Goldhamer with Congregation Bene Shalom (CBS) of the Deaf in Skokie, Illinois, an independent synagogue affiliated with both the Reform and Conservative movement. He decided that it was time to establish a seminary of the deaf.


Deaf Jews In Sports

benDeparts On The Top

While there have been few deaf participants in the sport of lacrosse, widely popular on the East coast, especially in New York and Maryland except for one athlete it is not generally known if other deaf Jews have ever played this sport.

That one exception is Ben Wineburg, 22 years old, goalie at Nazareth College, Rochester, N.Y. And he has closed out his four season collegiate lacrosse career on the top - his team winning the NCAA-III national lacrosse championship this past June with a 11-10 overtime victory over Washington College.


JDCC Events

September 8: Lecture with Sheila & Dennis Brown
September 14: Rosh Hashana Services & Luncheon
September 21: Kaparot Ceremony
September 23: Yom Kippur Services & Break-fast Dinner
October 2: Sukkah Israeli Dinner
October 20: Lecture with Joyce Linden