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JDCC Celebration: Memorable Occasion

05c The JDCC 5th Anniversary Banquet held at Beth Jacob Congregation on Sunday morning, June 8th was a very intimate affair. Over eighty people participated in a lovely program aptly coordinated by JDCC president Sharon Ann Soudakoff and carried out expertly by Master of Ceremonies Jeff Dichter. It was such a smashing success that JDCC is still receiving congratulatory messages!

People entered the reception to find tables facing a stage which represented a living room set. Little did people know as they sat down to brunch that they would become part of "A Kosher Affair" performance.


Deaf Jews Sports

Made Deaf Sports In USA What It Is


The late Art Kruger was to deaf sports in USA what George Washington was to USA during the colonial era. He has left imprints on much of the American deaf sporting infrastructure.

He chaired the first national basketball tournament for the deaf in 1945.

He founded the American Athletic Association of the Deaf.

He pioneered the Deaf All-American selections in basketball and football in schools for the deaf.


Jewish Deaf Profile

A Jewish Deaf Woman Revolutionized Bridge


Because bridge is a way of life with Chyah Burghard, all serious deaf bridge players are forever appreciative. Burghard, a battler who does not know how to quit, has forever changed the way all bridge players play their game.

A resident of Minneapolis, Burghard, a Jew, plays bridge with a passion that just doesn't go away. It, also, is her profession, for she is a webmaster and a newsletter editor with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), which is located in Memphis.


Jewish Deaf Business

6130 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, CA 92121-3223

TTY/V: 619/625-0600
FAX: 619/625-2336
E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DawnSignPress: A $1,000 Investment
image Joe Dannis co-founded and is currently president of DawnSignPress, a leading publisher and distributor of sign language and deaf culture related materials, located in San Diego. DSP recently moved into its own building that it purchased earlier this year.

"All my life I wanted to run a business," Joe explains, "When I graduated from Gallaudet University, my dad gave me $1,000 as a gift with which I thought hard as to how I could invest this unexpected money. That is when I decided to go into business. I put all that money into my business and kept re-investing to watch my business grow."