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Jewish Divorce




Example of 'Get' -
A Legal Bill of Divorce
Needed To Formally End
A Jewish Marriage
According To Jewish Laws


Getting A Jewish Divorce
The rate of divorce has been rising. This presents a more difficult problem for the Jewish community. Not only does a Jewish couple get legally divorced by getting a civil decree signed by a judge, they also need to get a Jewish bill of divorce, called a 'get' which is needed to formally end a Jewish marriage according to Jewish laws. 'Get' is the Hebrew word for 'divorce document'.


Interpreter’s Corner

Guest: Michael Jay Hartman

This past fall, Michael Hartman asked me to "mentor" him as part of an approved Independent Study Project for RID credits/CEUs. (RID stands for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. the national professional organization and one of two certifying bodies for interpreters (the other is now the NAD -National Association of the Deaf).

This month I invited Michael to be my "guest columnist", to share his learning experience.


Tu B'Shevat - First Day of Spring


Tu B'Shevat falls on the fifteenth of Shevat in the Jewish calendar, the first day of spring in Israel. The rainy season has ended. The trees are beginning to bud and fruit begins to grow. It falls well before spring time in North America in late January or February. This year it takes place on Saturday, January 22nd.



Holiday Recipe: Stuffed Dates


24 dates
24 whole walnuts or other nuts, shelled
4 oz granulated sugar

Take pits out of the dates.

Press a nut into each date.

Roll the dates in a bowl of sugar, or if you prefer, toss the dates in a paper bag filled with sugar.

You can also use prunes with dates or even replace the dates with prunes.