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Life Cycle

Shari Eckstein (Merkin) & Don Lee Hanaumi of Sacramento, CA on December 9th in Hawaii.

Clarisse Plosk & Mordechai Allshever will be married in Brazil on January 5, 2002.

Heather Greenbarg & Larry Goldstein in Philadelphia, PA. Wedding will be in March 24, 2002.


storkProud Parents/Grandparents
Grandparents, Karen Rothschild and Kenneth Rothschild,
their son Randall and Shira have a daughter,
Alexa Rachel on July 11 in New York

Abigail (Finkle) & David Longo
Allison Grace on August 30 in Philadelphia, PA

Nancy (Hart) & Joel Barish
Justin Hart on October 3 in Frederick, MD

Helen Woythaler - 78 years
September 7 - Van Nuys, CA
Husband Eric, three sons Albert & Gael, Julius & Randi and Ben & Anne Sophie,
and grandchildren; Nathan, Max, Emma, Gus, Liza and Nina.

Sylvia Rosenblatt - 77 years
September 16th, Baltimore, MD
Husband Meyer; sons Lou & Bonnie, Dan & Lonie Hassel;
sister and brother; and 4 grandchildren.

Abe Eckstein - 84 years
August 13th, Margate, FL
Wife Nettie, daughters Lenore Volin and Janet Spiegel

Rose Roth - 86 years
October 6th, New York
Beloved mother of Jackie and Ellen

Marion Intrator - 73 years
October 8th, Sherman Oaks, CA
Brother Gary & Rose Schlessinger and sister-in-law Ruth Stander