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More On Intermarriages

In the last issue of JDCC News, we printed a feature article 'Marrying Out Of The Jewish Faith' written by Ira Rothenberg. In this article, we report on results of a survey JDCC News conducted for the article.

JDCC News researched and compiled a list of thirty Deaf Jewish and non Jewish families across the country and sent a survey to asking twelve questions about their intermarriage experiences. We received fourteen responses. Length of marriages varied from 3 years to 55 years.


JDCC's Chanukah Party Playing 'Jewish Link' Game


JDCC's Chanukah Party Playing 'Jewish Link' Game

Community Responses To JDCC and TBS Seder Proposals

In the last issue of JDCC News, we printed copy of Jewish Deaf Community Center's proposal to Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf suggesting that JDCC and TBS conduct a joint Passover Seder. We printed reply from TBS president Joe Slotnick.

I attended two Passover Seders which were held at the Jewish Deaf Community Center. I enjoyed the 100% Kosher Passover Seder food and it reminded me of my Orthodox Jewish Grandmother's Kosher cooking for the Passover Seder during my early childhood. I felt more comfortable in the synagogue because of the Jewish atmosphere instead of a restaurant. It is wonderful to enjoy eating the traditional Kosher food for the Seder one time every year. I am looking forward to attending the JDCC Passover Seder again this coming spring. President Sharon Dror did a very extraordinary job of preparing the Seder and I take off my hat to her. Thank you very much.

Harold Levy


Interpreter’s Corner

inter2WORK IN PROGRESS . . .
I have an idea, brewing in my mind, that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully, you will be inspired to give me your input.

In my opinion, we are lacking resources in Jewish Deaf Education. Judaic interpreters need materials to learn more about Liturgy and how to interpret it. Religious School teachers need good materials for teaching deaf children. Jewish Deaf Adults need more resources to further their Jewish Education.