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Thank You For Your Contributions!
  • Helen Lovitch: In honor of Rebecca Lovitch's Batitzvah
  • Harold Levy: In honor of JDCC
  • Janice Jackslow: In honor of Rachel Braver
  • Isidore & Betty Kuznitz: In honor of Rachel Braver
  • Gaysl Moskowitz: In honor of Rachel Braver
  • Elaine Mazor: In honor of Rachel Braver
  • Mark Sullivan: In honor of JDCC

JDCC News Fund
  • Heidi Zimmer: Gunnison, CO
  • Patty Drasin: Northridge, CA
  • Stephen Adler: Holliswood, N.Y.
  • William Chapman: Los Angeles, CA
  • Jill & Evan Stone - Del Mar, CA

In Honor of JDCC's 10th Anniversary JDCC
  • David Leigh
  • Harriet Wiggins
  • Daniel Lewis Alexander & Ruth
  • Roslyn & Judge Barnet Cooperman
  • Geri & Mandy Siegel Jacobson Foundation
  • Rabbi Alan & Sandy Kalinsky
  • Shelley & John Goul
Sharon & Michael Steuer - In Honor of Rachel Braver
Evlyn Bieber - Congratulations on TEN wonderful years, JDCC!
Alexander & Ruth Jacobson Foundation - In Honor of JDCC
Stuart Klugler - In honor of JDCC's 10th Anniversary
Nora & Michael Hamerman and Family - In Honor of Rachel Braver


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