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Jewish Deaf Services

JDCC maintains a comprehensive resource and referral service. We constantly update our records on the many Jewish Deaf organizations across the country. There has been many changes since the National Congress of Jewish Deaf was reorganized as Jewish Deaf Congress. A good number of organizations who were affiliated with NCJD/JDC have since ceased.


"Hope For The Holidays" Holiday Card 2000


Marlee Matlin designed
"Hope For The Holidays"
Holiday Card 2000

Ask The Deaf Rabbi

kastorRabbi David Kastor is deaf, resides in Maryland. He received his Rabbinic semicha (degree) from Ner Yisrael Rabbinical College in Baltimore specializing in general Torah issues. Rabbi David will be happy to answer any questions relating to Judaism at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you know the meaning of "Maccabee"? It is a hebrew word, popularly known as Tel Aviv's sport team name or Olympic team game event. What does Maccabee mean? There are three different meanings:

1) It means hammer.
2) It is a word composed from the first letters of the words in the verse Parshat Bshalach (Exodus 15:11) "Mi Kamocha Baelim Hashem (Who is like You among the mighty, Hashem?")
3) The initial letters of the name "Mattityahu Kohen Ben Yochanan) (Mattathius the High Priest, son of Yochanan.")

Greece was highly recognized civilization of the world during the time of Chanukah and its culture is called Hellenism. Many Jewish people left Judaism and joined Hellenism. The assimilation grew dramatically.


Introduction to Judaism 101

by Rabbi David Kastor

Dreidel Has 4 Letters. What Do They Mean?

If you live out of Israel, the letters are "nun" "gimel" "heh" "shin" which stands for "Nes gadol haya sham"- "A great miracle happened there."
In Israel, the letters are "nun" "gimel" "poh" "shin" which stands for "Nes gadol haya sham"- "A great miracle happened here."

Some opinions say that the four sides symbolized the four great powers that controlled Israel: Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome.