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Life Cycle


Percy Bernstein died on February 11th in Portland, OR. He was 83. Mr. Bernstein is survived by wife Rita and daughters Frances Petersen and Barbara Bernstein Fant.

Lillian Michlin Wilson, 87, of Washington, DC, died on May 5, 2005. She leaves her two daughters, Jane Beverly Golightly of Washington, DC and Alice May Slingerland of Delmar, New York, her sister: Ruth Fleisig of Lantana, Florida, five grandchildren: Nathan Slingerland of California, Dana Slingerland Wilson of North Carolina, Dennis Golightly of North Carolina, Stanwood Golightly of Maryland, and Emily Payne of Arizona. In addition, Lillian leaves seven great grandchildren.

Bernice Rose Elias Drake: 50 years old, May 14, 2005 Riverside, CA. She leaves her two sons Galvin & Jacques and parents Eleanor & Bill Elias and brother Kenneth.

Sheldon Arthur Blumenthal: May 15, 2005 in Baltimore, MD. 87 years old. He leaves his daughter and son-in-law, Dr. Arlene B. and James T. Kelly, his sister Riva B. Pheterson and granddaughter Helsa B. Borinstein.