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Who Is A Jew in JDCC News?

We acknowledge that this is a sensitive topic and we respect everyone regardless of their Judaism branch.

JDCC prints stories on people that have a Jewish born mother or went through an Orthodox conversion.

Like Kosher restaurants, it does not mean its kosher enough for every one. Each has their own standard of eating in these establishments or not. It could be because of Glatt or Cholov Yisroel or they are open on Shabbat, or many other reasons.


Become a certified translator into sign language


Special Edition of Chelm on the Med. - "BACKPAGE NEWS FROM THE FRONT"
October 18, 2015

Looking for a lucrative occupation to make money literally hand over fist? Become a translator… but not just any translator: Become a certified translator into sign language, a service underwritten by Israel’s National Insurance Institute – Bituach Leumi, under Israel’s accessibly laws…provided the entitled can find a translator. There are only 250 translators in Israel who know how to sign