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Life Cycle

Our Deepest Sympathies:

Stephen R. Schultz* Stephen R. Schultz, 67, Studio City, CA -
   October 12, 2014

Passed away at the age of 67. Predeceased by his parents, Bernice & Lewis Schultz; brother-in-law, Tato Bechara. Survived by his wife, Eileen; daughters, Cory (Jake) Raiton & Linda Schultz; step daughter, Olga Monagas; grandchildren, Elliot & Katherine; brother, Ken (Joyce) Schultz; sister, Cathy (Jack) Dinaburg; brother-in-law, Dennis (Sally) Bechara; sister-in-law, Sylvia Bechara; & many nieces and nephews.
Stephen was a champion of the deaf community, and was an alum of NTID.

Source: http://brightonmemorialchapel.com/Obituaries/Detail.aspx?id=5419


Helen (Chaia) Jean Weissman Lovitch* Helen (Chaia) Jean Weissman Lovitch, 90, September 2, 2014

Beloved TBS Charter Member, Helen Lovitch, passed peacefully after a short illness, on Sunday, September 2nd. Friends and family filled the chapel at Eden Memorial to say a final farewell and celebrate her life of 90 years. She was truly a woman of tremendous grace and humility, with quiet strength and delightful humor.

Helen was born, in the Bronx, to David (Duvid) & Beatrice (Riffka) Weissman, joining two older brothers, Bernie and George. Her parents worked very hard, as all small business owners do, running a cleaners/laundry business. But still Beatrice found the time to instill a deep love of music to her children teaching them all how to play the piano. She met her future husband, Morton, through a mutual friend at the young age of 16. After graduating from James Monroe High School, they were married in 1942 when Helen was 18. Soon after, Morton was called to the military to serve in World War II. Thankfully he came home safely and they were able to get on with their lives and start their family. Ira was born first and three and a half years later Fred

Helen's brother, Bernie, and his wife, Gert, and their children moved to Southern California and the family wanted to leave New York and join them. So in the fall of 1955, Morton found a CPA position and Helen, Morton, the boys and the Weissmans all relocated to the San Fernando Valley where this large farming area was experiencing a rapid and huge building boom, changing its agricultural fields to a suburban community. It was truly good fortune, since Fred was born with a hearing impairment, that this area of Los Angeles became a hub for the Deaf community beginning just five years later in the 1960's.

Mort and Helen wanted to provide the best Jewish education for Fred while accommodating his needs, so they joined the Deaf, Jewish community in the valley in their efforts to establish a Deaf synagogue. They became Charter Members and helped form Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf. The family legacy continued with Fred and his wife, Debijo, joining TBS after they were married. Debijo joined three other women who wanted to have a Bat Mitzvah, so they studied under Rabbi Henkin and after a year or so all celebrated before the congregation as they were called to the Torah. The family tradition continued with the Lovitch daughters, Marlo and Rebecca, attending TBS’ religious school; Marlo continuing on to have her bat mitzvah. Helen remained an important part of our community and we were so fortunate to celebrate her along with our very few remaining Charter Members this past May, with all Helen’s family in attendance.

Helen lost her beloved, Mort, after a long battle with cancer in 1973, after 31 years of marriage not long before her 50th birthday. Now faced with the enormous task of being a single parent, she took on the role of mother and father and Fred and Ira were the beneficiaries of extra love and devotion. She began working at Pierce Community College in 1974, in the Special Services Department for Disability as the Office Manager, becoming a beloved member of the staff and staying for the next 15 years before retiring.

Volunteering for organizations was not new to Helen; this was always an important, Jewish part of her life. With retirement came more freedom to continue this mitzvah, volunteering at Kaiser, where she was a significant member of the team. As Helen's activities slowed with age, she was still able to live independently and drive until she was 89 and meet with her friends for her adored Mah Jong. She made the necessary adjustments to keep in close touch with the family learning to use her iPad, emailing and obsessing over photos of her grandchildren and their families.

She adored the role of grandmother and her happiness grew with each additional grandchild that came into her life. She was so thankful to be able to travel to Austin, Texas, for the fourth time last June to celebrate her great grandchild, Tessa's second birthday. In an old membership application, under the question "What are your special talents and skills?" Helen answered, "people skills". What a perfect assessment of her strengths. Helen indeed had a genuine love and respect for people with a velvet touch. That, along with her modestly, strong sense of self, she created an environment around her that you loved being in, as if she had her arms wrapped around you in a long hug.

Helen was a crucial link in the making of a beautiful family. She is survived by her sons, Ira and his wife Zina, Fred and his wife Debijo, niece, Judy and her family, nephew, Jerry and his family, grandchildren (in order of age): Sathyam, Gerelee, (and husband, Richard) Marlo Jo, (and husband, Joey) Joseph, and Rebecca, great grandchildren: Ross, Sasha, Jules, and Tessa Jo.

She was buried on the same day as comedienne, Joan Rivers–both New York gals. I'm sure Helen and Joan had a good laugh together on their arrivals. She will be so missed, especially when family members and friends pick up the phone to call her or email her the latest photo and then remember she has gone on to her next adventure. Her life will serve all who knew and loved her as a model for love and respect, softness and integrity, and there will be a very sweet blessing in every memory.

Source: The Congregation News




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