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Deaf Holocaust Survivor: Ingelore Herz Honigstein

My German name is Ingelore but most Americans have too much trouble remembering my first name so I am generally known as Lore. My maiden last name was Herz, which is German for heart. I was born in 1924 and grew up in Kuppenheim, in Baden-Baden, Germany which is part of the Black Forest. My parents were Berthold and Amalie Herz. I did not communicate much with my family members. My family in Germany was all hearing. My Aunt Cora, my mother's sister, told me that she noticed that I might be deaf when I was one year old. When the doctor confirmed this fact, my mother refused to accept it. I have no siblings because my mother was worried about having another child that might be Deaf. I was sent to a foster parent who was a speech teacher and he tried to get me to use my voice but it was paralyzed. One time he hit me on the back and I yelled. This is how he woke up my voice. We then practiced the sound of EACH letter. It was a very slow process much like learning to walk after one has been paralyzed. I was placed in a school for the hard of hearing when I was six years old but later went to a school for the Deaf.