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Gallaudet University appoints T. Alan Hurwitz as the 10th President:

On Sunday October 18, 2009, Board of Trustees Chair Benjamin Soukup announced National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) President T. Alan Hurwitz as the 10th President of Gallaudet University.

In addition to his many achievements, Dr. Hurwitz has been a continued leader in the Jewish deaf community serving as President of the World Organization of Jewish Deaf, and on the board of the Jewish Deaf Congress.


Two of ten Purple Trailblazers “Dream Bigger” Campaign are Jewish:

Saturday October 17, 2009, Purple held the finale event of their “Dream Bigger” campaign in which ten leaders in the deaf community were chosen from around the country. Those leaders were recognized for their various active roles and successes in the community.

From those ten leaders or “trailblazers”, two are active in the Jewish faith. Those two are: Dr. Carolyn Stern from Rochester, New York, for her work in the medical field; and, Howard Rosenblum from Chicago, Illinois, for his work in deaf civil rights law.

Congratulations to the two for making tracks in the deaf community and to many more successes.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing In the Government (DHHIG) appoints new Chair:

Deaf and Hard of Hearing In Government (DHHIG) is a national non-profit organization whose purpose is two-fold. It serves as an employee support group for Federal employees who are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing and as a resource organization for the nationwide Federal government.

DHHIG coordinates and collaborates with external forces such as OPM, EEOC, U.S. Congress, the White House, President’s Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities, Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), National Association of the Deaf, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, and other entities.


NTID/RIT Graduate Student on CNN to make his “30 Second Pitch”:

Justin Drezner, born and raised Jewish in New York and a rabid Yankees fan, is currently a graduate student at RIT/NTID studying service management. Justin made the news recently for his “30 Second Pitch” to employers on CNN on October 2. Justin’s video transcript is shown below as well as the link to the CNN clip. Talking with Justin, he had this to say to JDCC readers, “Just let them know if any of their employers are looking for an employee with a can-do attitude or approach, they can contact me.” As shown on the CNN clip, Justin can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hs-so0w0fg&feature=player_profilepage